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sáb., 09 de dez.


EBRA Virtual Horse Show Series Watch Party

EBRA Virtual Horse Show Series Watch Party

The EBRA’s Virtual Horse Show Series provides an entertaining opportunity for European Brabant Draft Horse and Appendix Brabant Horse owners to show and share their horses without leaving the farm. The EBRA Virtual Horse Show watch party will be Dec. 9, 2023 at 12 pm USA/EST

EBRA Virtual Horse Show Series Watch Party
EBRA Virtual Horse Show Series Watch Party

Horário e local

09 de dez., 12:00 – 15:00

EBRA Virtual Horse Show Series Watch Party

Sobre o evento

European Brabant Registry of America

Virtual Horse Show Series

This FREE online show was created for our valued EBRA Members from around the world. While you must be an EBRA Member in good standing to participate, your horse does not need to be registered with the EBRA to partake. If you are not a Member yet, the half-year rate is just $25 and you can quickly join our community by clicking HERE.

Presiding Judge: Monique Buellens is an EBRA Evaluation Committee Member and show judge in Belgium and The Netherlands. She is the daughter of a renowned Brabant Draft breeder, Frans Beullens of Ranst, Belgium. Given her heritage, Monique was born with a love for the breed. Professionally, she is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine at KUL and has been a valued official jury member of Flemish (Brabant) Horse in Belgium and The Netherlands for several years. You can see what Judge Monique Buellens looks for when judging competitions by clicking HERE.


Registration and Submissions: Will be accepted now until November 14th at 5 pm EST. All videos and photos for competition must be captured after September 10, 2023, and before November 14th at 5 pm EST.

Online Show: Judging to be shared online on Saturday, December 9th at 12 pm EST

Please Note: Each unique handler must complete a registration form. A handler may exhibit more than one horse but will be required to submit a new registration form per horse.

Horse Entry Requirements: Horses are not required to be registered with the EBRA to compete. Handlers with horses who are not registered with the EBRA must provide proof of European Brabant heritage through existing registration paperwork from one of the following registries:

  • Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America (BDHCA)
  • American Brabant Association (ABA)
  • Koninklijke Maatschappij Het Belgisch Trekpaard (KMBT)
  • Koninklijke Vereniging Het Nederlandse Trekpaard (KVTH)
  • Vlaamse fokkers van het Belgisch Trekpaard (VFBT)
  • Association Wallon Cheval Trait Belge (AWCTB)
  • Cheval de Trait Ardennaias
  • Syndicate d’ Elevage du Cheval Trait Noord
  • Cheval de Trait Luxembourgeois
  • Le Cheval Auxois

Please Note: Standards of accepted European breeds and assigned heritage percentages vary amongst registries. For the purposes of the EBRA Virtual Horse Show Series, EBRA standards and practices will apply when classifying horses who are not registered with the EBRA. Click HERE details.

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