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All EBRA Members qualify for Ambassadorship, whether they are a European Brabant owner, or just a fan. For a nominal $40 participation fee, each Ambassador will receive a one-of-a-kind Ambassador t-shirt and will qualify for end-of-year annual awards and prizes.

  • Ambassadors who own European Brabants that participate in horse shows, conferences, parades, and other such documented events will accrue points throughout the year.
  • Ambassadors may use professional handlers (proxies) in the show ring and the handlers' accrued points will be applied to the Ambassador's account for the end-of-year awards ranking.
  • At the time of purchase or renewal, Ambassadors may add handlers under their accounts for an additional fee of $20 per person. They will receive a one-of-a-kind Ambassador t-shirt, accrue their own show points and compete for end-of-year awards.


Be sure to fill out the signup form to complete your registration HERE.

Youth Breed Ambassador Entry

IPI / ICMS / ISS não incl. |
  • The EBRA currently has the following categories for end-of-year awards:

    • Adult Horse Show High Points Category
    • Youth Horse Show High Points Category
    • Non-Horse Adult Exhibitor Category
    • Non-Horse Youth Exhibitor Category
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