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European Brabant Studbook is designated for 100% imported Stallions & Mares, >93.75% offspring of European Brabant Studbook registered Stallion and Mare crossings, and > 93.75% offspring of European Brabant Studbook registered Stallion and European Brabant Stock Studbook QM Broodmare crossings.


European Brabant Stock is designated for horses who are 47% or greater verifiable European Brabant heritage qualify for the European Brabant Stock Studbook.


  • Certificate of Registration
  • DNA Profile Transfer



  • A one-year Single Membership will be provided to all new, non-members applying for Registration and DNA Profile.
  • All DNA parentage verification and mandatory health testing results, whether purchased through the EBRA or transferred into the EBRA system, will become permanent record, which the documented owner may access at any time upon request. The EBRA is not responsible for providing non-mandatory DNA test results, therefore the release of any additional testing performed by past or present owners must be negotiated between the private parties at time of purchase.

European Brabant and Brabant Stock Studbook Registration with DNA Transfer

PreçoA partir de $90,00
IPI / ICMS / ISS não incl. |
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