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Leg Health Report Delinquent

PreçoA partir de $150,00
IPI / ICMS / ISS não incl. |
  • Required for all breeding stallions

    Optional for mares and geldings

  • The stallion owner may download and print a copy of the EBRA Stallion Leg Health Survey from the website, or email their DVM provider a digital fillable form, so the attending veterinarian may complete the form during the exam. The DVM and the horse owner are required to sign the form. The EBRA may contact the attending veterinarian to verify the document’s authenticity. Falsifying of the Leg Health Report will result in the immediate termination of the stallion owner’s Membership. Horse owners may call the Registrar at +1 (724) 605-3680 and request a physical form be mailed to them at their expense.

    The completed survey must be scanned, or captured by smart phone device, and emailed, along with digital copies of the radiographs (DICOM images), to the Alternatively, the original copy of the Leg Health Report may be physically mailed to the Registrar (407 Woodland Rd Mercer, PA 16137) and the attending veterinarian may send the digital copies of the radiographs via email to the Registry.

    The Registrar will send the stallion’s Leg Health Report and radiographs the EBRA’s appointed equine radiology specialist, who will provide the EBRA with an independent, unbiased, scientific analysis of the survey and radiographs, then issue an official report. Only the official report will be posted publicly to the EBRA website. The radiographs and exam form will be made available on the “Members Only” secured website for Members’ viewing; no sharing of the secure information is permitted. The specialist and the EBRA will continue to monitor and track each stallion’s leg health for the presence and/or progression of chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL), if any, over the stallion’s lifetime. In doing so, the Registry aims to have a better science-based understanding of the disease and its progression, while also promoting heathy breeding practices through the dissemination of information, which may be used by mare owners to make informed breeding decisions. As a Registry, our goal is to ensure healthy European Brabant offspring for years to come.

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